Cat news

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9

Topic: The big move.
This is the cats' first night in the new home, we are no longer in a cramped apartment.  We now live in a fairly decent sized house and all but one of my cats are here.  One of them randomly took off after the battle to get them in the car.  (We are going to be searching for him tomorrow)  Anyway... We decided since litter was so expencive and we are now paying utilities it would be a good idea to put them outside, the cats however had OTHER ideas on the matter.

Cat 1: They aren't going to let us in.
Cat 2: I can cry louder.  HELLLOOOO I WANT IIIIINNNNN!!!!
Cat 1: I'm telling you its not going to work.
(Inside humans are breaking down and feeling sorry for kitties)
Cat 2: It will work I'm telling you. I'M COOOOOLLLLLDDDDD LEMME IIIINNNN!!!
Door opens.  Cats pause.
Cat 2: Told ya so. *Smirks*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 8

Topic: Window watchers
Cat 1: *Sits in window peering under the curtain* Please don't let them notice me, please don't let them notice me
Cat 2: They will notice, you aren't hidden.
Cat 1: I can hope right?
Cat 2: Yeah you can hope, for all the good it will do you.
Kid 2: KITTY! *Runs to window and attempts to pick cat 1 up.*
Human: Leave the cat alone*
Kid 2: *Ignores mom*
Cat 2: RUN!!!
Cat 1: I AM!*jumps out of window and runs to hide behind the furniture*
Kid 2: Awww kitty COME OUT!  I have cereal, want a bites?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 7

Topic: Strange sounds
*All cats hear tiny mewing sounds*
Cat 1: What's that????  Must investigate.
Human: You don't want to do that *tries to deter cat*
Cat 2: I hear it, but I'm not stupid enough to go look.
New cat: Noise?  Oh well can't be bothered.
Cat 1: It's coming from here *sticks nose under chair.*  *Lots of growling and hissing sounds follow* *Cat 1 takes off out from under chair and proceeds to go eat as he usually does when he has been insulted*
Cat 1: Yep I'm stupid.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 6

Topic: Food Panic (please note my cats are fed as soon as I notice they have run out of food in their bowls unless I am in bed. This is about the panic that ensues when I'm getting up of a morning and they have emptied their food bowls over night.)
Cat 1: Did you eat it all?
Cat 2: You ate it all!
Newcat: I'm hungry FEED ME!
Old cat: Let's go scratch on the door til she gets up.
*Human get's out of bed*
Cat 1: feeeeeddddd mmmeeeee!
New cat: pet me feed me pet me feed me pet me feed me
Cat 2: PleasePleasePleasePleasePlease!
*Human trips over cats repeatedly*
Human: Good grief, give someone time to wake up will you?! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 5

Topic: The Human's Lap
New cat: *snuggles down all comfy*
Cat 1: Hey!  A warm spot!
New cat: I'M LAYING HERE *growls at cat 1*
Cat 1: MOVE!
New cat: My spot!!!
Cat 1: Hmph, I don't weigh that much *plops down on new cat*
New cat: *growls*
Cat 1: Hush!
New cat: *growls*
Human: Move silhouette, can't you see he doesn't want you there, lay over here*moves cat 1 to the side*

Day 4

Topic: The Litterbox
Newcat: you guys have it made, I dont know why you complain so much
cat1: cause I cant go OUTSIDE *cries at door*
cat2: why do you think we are lucky
newcat: cause you have a *lowers meow to whisper* litterbox
Oldcat: why does that make us lucky?
newcat: cause i used to have to go outdoors
oldcat: *in a scandalized meow* in the nasty stuff those kids are always tracking into the room?!?!
newcat: yes, in the dirt
*cats gather round new cat and pet him feeling sorry for him* 

Day 3

Topic: A real mouse!
cat1: do you hear that
cat2:hear what?
cat3: i heard... something
(random squeeking noises, loud thump, crash)
newcat: that is not a toy! *drops mouse*
cat1: omg!
cat2:ooooo *pokes at with paw*
cat3: mine i caught it! *steals mouse*
newcat: my mouse!
cat3: nooo my mouse *growls at new cat*
newcat:*lays down*
cat3: *looks away for noise*
newcat:*sneaks closer*
cat3*looks back at newcat*
newcat*lays down*
cat3*hears random noise again*
newcat*sneaks closer*
cat3*freaks and growls at newcat*
newcat*lays down again*
cat3*gets distracted again*
newcat:hahahaha *runs off with mouse*
newcat: my damned mouse

Day 2

Topic: The Vacuum Cleaner

cat 1:omg what is that horrid noise

cat 2:oh shes sucking things up again

newcat:but it goes all over the floor and we can chase it!

cat 1: yeah but um... get your tail caught in that and -SLURP- bubye puss

newcat: she wouldnt!

cat 2: yeah... we lost a couple kittens to that monster....

Day 1

Topic: The Broom

cat 1: hey she got that thingie out again, that one that makes all the fun stuff those small creatures leave that we play with go away.

cat 2: you mean the one that makes noise?

cat 1: no you idiot, the other one the one with all the poky ends.

cat 2: oh, i wanna play with that, but those thingies, they poke my nose!

cat 1: oh tell me about it, and then when she puts it where we can play with it, its so big! who wants that around them!